Month: April 2015

Awesome Flowery Bathroom Accessories

If you want to add something else after you’ve finished decorating your bathroom, try a flower for that bare spot on the rack or shelf behind the stool. Take a clay flowerpot and use ceramic paint to paint your pot. It takes a while for the clay to draw so it is better to let it set best for 24 hours. Using the same colors, take a flower stamp or something small to be used on your other patterns and stamp around the flowerpot.

The flowerpot is finished; the wall is dry, now you are ready to add the flower. You can set the flowerpot on the rack, shelf, or even on the floor. Take a few steps back and look at your new bathroom. Isn’t it awesome? It just needs a little paint and creativeness goes along way. So, do you wish it were that easy to choose bathroom accessories or create your own?

Awesome Flowery Bathroom Accessories.png

It is indeed that easy. You will find a wide array of bathroom accessories online, including allied brass dishes, rings, mirrors, etc. Anne also has a nice line of products. Bathroom accessories like Bouvet, Emtek, Ginger, Arredobagno, Myson, etc, are flooding the internet. Some additional items like dispensers, shower baskets, rods, decorative brackets, showerheads, floor bathroom accessories, etc, are also available.

You can choose nice bathroom accessories such as freestanding poles where you store linen, towels, tissue, and more on the pole. In addition, adding a flower and vase to a chair or shelf in the corner of your room is also a good idea.

Ginger has a nice line of products that includes the glass shelves. The glass shelves will look good with flowers, vase, and a few additional items, if you do not have destructive children in the home. Ginger produce 18-inches Chelsea glass shelves that made of temperament glass, brackets included. Even though Chelsea is made of fake brass trimmings, its texture (style, material, etc.) is handcrafted so well that most people would think it is real brass.

Extra storage will also available if you add glass shelves, freestanding pole, etc. You also could choose a few items, such as faucets, tubs, door hardware’s, and more to offset the bathroom. Cabinets are also available online. Choose the ones that match your patterns and colors.

Awesome Flowery Bathroom Accessories_

Adding brass door handle also recommended if you have a nice bathroom. Atmosphere will be augmented by the door handle alone. You might want to install a new, fancy door to offset the door handle. Doors cost $49.99 above. Find great deals online or just visit your local Home Depots, Lowe, or related stores.

Keep track of sales, clearances, coupons, promotions to save money on on bathroom accessories

When online or offline stores want to push a product, they usually will run ads. Remember that many stores will lower the prices further a week or more later. Sometimes you have to wait for it.

You might be aware that sites online offer you the option of downloading coupons. Coupons can save you a few bucks or even a fortune.

Now you can start building once you gather your bathroom accessories. You may want to redesign your bathroom. If you have a country setting at the present, then maybe you want to change to an outdoor bloom. If this is your choice, flowery bathroom accessories are what you want to consider.