Month: March 2015

Cases Of WSIB Asbestos

There are approximately 3,000 people diagnosed with mesothelioma every year. This type of cancer is caused by exposure of fibrous mineral called asbestos. The disease can remain latent for a long time. Sometimes it is up to 50 years to diagnose this disease.

What are cases of WSIB asbestos?

It is a personal injury lawsuit that can be filed in order to receive compensation for the injury caused by asbestos exposure. Cases of WSIB asbestos are filed against the person in charge that responsible for the workers. He usually is the negligent employer that allows victims to work with asbestos containing material as part of their occupation.

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How the cases of WSIB asbestos are done?

To answer the curiosity of many people about how the cases of WSIB asbestos are done and what happens in an asbestos lawsuit, here are the basic anatomy of WSIB asbestos cases:

  • In general, the cases begin with a client or potential client who has been diagnosed with He or she will usually approach a lawyer or firm to consult about the available legal options. Then it will boost the information gathering process as in interviewing the client, his/her family members, and his /her working history of asbestos exposure in particular as well as his/her medical history.
  • If sufficient information has gained by the lawyer, the next step is deciding whether it is recommended or not to file a lawsuit. The lawyer will go right ahead with the cases of WSIB asbestos and represent the client if there is a good chance to succeed them.
  • The cases of WSIB asbestos are formally opened until the complaint against all responsible companies for asbestos exposure is filed. The question is where should the cases be filed? If the lawyer considers that it is viable to file the cases of WSIB asbestos in different state from the lawyer’s home state, he will recommend another A long-experienced attorney in the asbestos litigation field will have a network of lawyers whom he worked before. Thus he can recommend one of them if the situation calls for it. This is why it is necessary to choose an experienced lawyer in asbestos litigation field.
  • The client is known as the “plaintiff” since he/she is the one who instituted the case by filing a complaint in the suit. Meanwhile the company or companies against the plaintiff who filed the complaint is called defendants. There can be more than one defendant in many cases of WSIB asbestos. It is due to the law that enumerates several persons responsible for any asbestos exposure in the workplace in case of negligence.